Perfection is not an accident.

Eagle Electric of the Philippines had its humble beginnings in 1967 as a licensee of Eagle Electric Manufacturing Co., Inc. of New York. It has since grown to be a self-reliant, trusted manufacturer of top quality electrical wiring devices in the Philippines. Its more than 200 employee network tasks itself to deliver to the consumer public a wide array of electrical wiring devices that surpass the related standards set forth by the Bureau of Product Standards. How often do we hear of fires caused by faulty electrical wiring devices? That will never be a concern with users of “Eagle” products. With only listed quality materials going into each “Eagle” product, confidence of safety is assured at all times. With the dedicated effort of its Tool & Die division that uses the latest CAD/CAM system, Eagle continues to uphold the trusted quality its products have gained throughout the years.

Mission Statement

We at Eagle Electric are proud of our heritage and core values, which are expressed in our motto, “Perfection Redefined.”

With pride, energy, and dedication, we are committed to continuing our successful history of providing safe, innovative, and high-quality products to homes and businesses throughout the world.

We are dedicated to throughly understanding the needs of all our customers and focusing our collective energies to exceed their expectations.

CAD/CAM Specialization

Operating under a tradition of excellence, Eagle Electric of the Philippines is equipped with advanced CAD/CAM software technology. Design consistency is very important when it comes to the stability of wiring devices. This is the reason why Eagle Electric employs the usage of CAD/CAM Softwares.

In the present competitive business environment, the time taken to market a product or idea is the key to success. This is why we have always been at the cutting edge to explore and internalize advantages of new and fast emerging CAD/CAM/CAE software and technologies. This is to ensure the efficiency of each of our products.

Quality Control

At Eagle Electric of the Philippines, strict quality control procedures are practiced from the receiving of incoming raw materials and parts from reliable suppliers, to the manufacturing processes these materials and parts undergo, until final inspection when they end up as finished goods. Sampling plans are carried out daily by our qualified Quality Control Engineers. Most finished products can be tested in our in-house laboratory to ensure that our products conform with the Philippine National Standards. All measuring instruments and testing equipment are calibrated periodically to ensure that testing results obtained are accurate.

Environmental Facilities

As a responsible corporate citizen, Eagle Electric of the Philippines observes environment-friendly disposal of wastewater brought about by its various manufacturing processes. With the safety of its neighboring community in mind, a wastewater treatment facility is put in place. After undergoing treatments, suspended solids are eliminated from the wastewater. Aeration to put oxygen back into the wastewater is also undertaken. This ensures the release of harmless effluent back into the environment.