Cube 3-Outlet Adapter


Cube-shaped 3-Outlet Adapter
Available in thermoset plastic or vinyl construction.
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Outlet Extenders

These adapters provide additional outlets from a single socket.

Adapter Safety

It’s not safe just because you can make it fit. Always check electrical tolerances and specifications before connecting any appliance to any socket, especially with an adapter. This will also prevent permanent damage to your devices and/or overloading.

Thermoset Plastic

Thermoset plastics are irreversibly set once molded. They will not deform when exposed to heat, making them an ideal material for high-output electrical outlets. They have comparable heat and electrical resistance with their rubber counterparts.


Products constructed out of vinyl have a high electrical resistance properties. They are non-flammable and possess high resistance to ultraviolet light, acids, alkali, oils and other corrosive elements.

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Thermoset Plastic, Vinyl