Round Body Thermoset Parallel Plug (Enclosed Dead Front)


Catalog No. 3123

Parallel Plug 15A 250V~

Round Body Design

Thermoset Construction

Enclosed Dead Front

Cord Hole: 13/32″ (10.32mm)

Body: 19/32″ x 1 1/2″ (32.54 x 38.1mm)


License No. Q-0195

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Thermoset Plastic

Thermoset plastics are irreversibly set once molded. They will not deform when exposed to heat, making them an ideal material for high-output electrical outlets. They have comparable heat and electrical resistance with their rubber counterparts.

Enclosed Dead Front

An Enclosed Dead Front (EDF) device is constructed such that no live parts will ever be exposed to a person on the operating side of the equipment, reducing risk of electrical accidents.


Eagle Thermoset products are compliant with the safety specifications set forth by the Bureau of Product Standards (BPS).