Snap-Type Weatherproof Socket – Double


Device 999 – 2-Gang Snap-Type Weatherproof Socket
Supports different sockets.
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Weatherproof Sockets

Weatherproof sockets provide the premium protection you need in areas exposed to the elements. The build and materials were specifically chosen to ensure that the socket remains completely enclosed and protected from the harshest conditions.

Stay Protected with Eagle

Not all areas that need electric power are free from the most common electrical safety hazards. Our outdoor and weatherproof line are designed for these spaces with maximum safety in mind. Sturdy construction and durable materials ensure these can withstand harsher handling and continue to function. Built-in protection features keep out dust, dirt and sand which could cause electrical trouble.

Outdoor vs Weatherproof Sockets

Eagle Outdoor Series products are designed for areas with hazards that require electrical outlets with some protection to prevent accidents. The Outdoor line is constructed primarily from high-quality plastic. Use an Outdoor device if you need a protected outlet in bathrooms, patios, gardens, and other outdoor areas exposed to dust, dirt, liquids and vegetation.
If you need to really tough it out, armor up with the Eagle Weatherproof Series! Designed to withstand the elements without fail, weatherproof plates are made of metal, providing the highest level of protection. The powder-coated finish protects against corrosion and conductive hazards. Use a Weatherproof device if you need maximum protection in industrial areas like garages, factories, workshops, and construction sites exposed to dust, dirt, sand, liquids, vegetation and wear-and-tear.

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Socket Type

733 Parallel, 827 Parallel Grounding, 828 Universal Grounding